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Wonderful Celebrity Mashups-Morphy Me (20 Photos)

Benjamin, AKA Morphy_me, is a French digital artist who creates new celebrities by merging their pictures. We’ve featured some of his works before and now he’s back with a fresh batch of celebrity mashups that will leave you scratching your head.

The artist has started his mashups back in 2015 and has been pretty secretive about his technique, although he revealed that a single picture takes him around an hour to create. In an interview with Insider, Benjamin revealed that lately he has been adding some steps to make the end result more realistic.”I want the morph to be the more detailed and disturbing. So now I spend more time editing it, but post less frequently,” said the artist

More info: Instagram

#1 Brad Pitt & Johnny Depp

#2 Robert De Niro & Al Pacino

#3 Billie Eilish & Lady Gaga

#4 Bill Nighy & Bill Nye

#5 Christian Bale & Robert Pattinson

#6 Joaquin Phoenix & Heath Ledger

#7 Sharon Tate & Margot Robbie

#8 Zac Efron & Chris Hemsworth

#9 David Bowie And Kurt Cobain

#10 Jake Gyllenhaal & Tom Holland

#11 Jennifer Connelly & Winona Ryder

#12 Harry Styles & Mick Jagger

#13 Mila Kunis & Emma Stone

#14 Tom Hiddleston & Daniel Craig

#15 Maya Hawke & Uma Thurman

#16 Daisy Ridley & Carrie Fisher

#17 Scarlett Johansson & Billie Eilish

#18 Henry Cavill & Tom Welling

#19 James Franco & James Dean

#20 Tom Holland & Shawn Mendes

Image source: morphy_me

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