When He Noticed The Tattoo He Had Done

Dylan Harraway, 18, from Virginia, USA, was chuffed with his new tattoo after spending two hours in the chair, and he didn’t realise the issue until his friend pointed it out.

When Dylan Harraway left the tattoo studio with his new inking, he was over the moon with the design.He got the words ‘Dream Chaser’ on his forearm as he wanted “motivation to chase his dreams”.

However when the 18-year-old showed his new addition off to his friend, they quickly pointed out that something was very, very wrong with it.The tattoo artist did the design – including the words – on his arm backwards. Oops.

Unsurprisingly, a video of the tattoo has been popular online with more than 2.5million views since it was uploaded to Instagram.

Dylan, a rapper from Virginia, USA, spent two hours in the chair and splashed out $200 for the tattoo.



Via : Mirror

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