Top 10 Most Expensive Custom Gaming Consoles

Custom gaming consoles are rare items that gamers would love to own. Here’s the top 10 most expensive in the world.

Some people like cars, others like furniture or musical instruments, while others collect baseball cards or coins. Today, a popular collectible is anything related to vintage video games. That includes accessories and the consoles themselves, which are becoming rarer as online games become the norm.

The following list includes consoles that were made as luxury items, contest prizes, or to commemorate special events. Sometimes they’re expensive because of the rarity, but other times it’s because of the special design or technological capability. Keep in mind this list isn’t for the most creative or aesthetic design overall, it’s really about the price.

10-24k Xbox One Pearl

If you’re going to buy a luxury level console, it can actually be a classy one like this instead of a garish, shiny, metal block. Colorware made only 50 in this style, using real 24k gold, making it a rare limited edition along with literally being decorated with precious metal.

It was originally selling for $1199, but that was a couple of years ago now, and Colorware doesn’t plan on making more now that the original stock is sold out. It’s safe to assume that if you find one for sale, it’ll be exponentially more expensive.

9-Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D Premium Package Nintendo 3DS

There are several commemorative versions of whole consoles dedicated to a single game. In this instance, it’s the popular Metal Gear Solid franchise. It’s all about the snakeskin case with this game and handheld console, which sees a lot of love from both fans of this popular franchise and game collectors. This special version was part of a premium package that also included artistic trading cards featuring the game’s characters along with the case and game.

The Premium Package was part of a limited edition stock that was only sold in Japan, which increases the value. The original price was 22,980 yen which comes out to about $211. Sounds cheap, compared to our other consoles, but keep in mind this as in 2012. The prices online are double now, with gently used packages selling for $437 on Amazon.

8-Gundam RX-78 Custom Edition Dreamcast

The Sega Dreamcast has a weird history all its own, worth checking out if you’re into retro gaming and the history of consoles. There were quite a few custom versions and limited edition consoles of the Dreamcast made, and this is one of the rarest, most sought after, and most expensive.

7-24K Gold Analogue NT Mini

What was it that everyone instantly loved about the original Legend of Zelda? Why, that gold cartridge, of course! So, if you’re a luxury design company and you want to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the best and most influential fantasy game ever, what do you do? If you’re a company called Analogue, you build a 24k gold NES. However, you only make ten, and they cost $5000 each.

This console is the “NT” version, which means it can play original NES cartridges along with Famicom games and disks. That makes it a functional showpiece for gamers or collectors that want to show off, so you can choose from 2000 different games if you have them.

6-Maziora Dreamcast

One of many unique and strange incarnations of the Dreamcast, this one is also quite valuable due to a limited release and creative design. Maziora was a brand of paint used on racing cars. This particular version used on the Dreamcast console was called ChromaFlair, and it changed color. Who knows why the people in marketing thought that commercial paint products and video games needed to be together, but cross-promotional materials are always valued by collectors as they’re often part of a limited release or harder to find.

There are only 500 of these in existence and they were only available in Japan, plus they’re vintage, as the original release was back in 1999. Today, you can nab a Maziora Dreamcast on eBay for $4500, as long as the console is still in the box.

5-Nintendo Wii Supreme

It’s a luxury item if there ever was one, and you would expect nothing less of the Stuart Hughes website, which lists an array of upscale items. This is currently the most expensive gaming console in the world, currently selling for $386,013.60 US, or £299,995.

The Nintendo Wii Supreme isn’t just painted or plated, it consists of 2,500 grams of solid 22k gold. And those aren’t rhinestones or zirconias on the buttons, but real 19k diamonds. That explains the price, especially since nostalgia for the original Wii might not be worth half a million dollars.

4-Beatles Rock Band Xbox 360

It’s not just the rarity of this item, which is one of a kind and was used to raise money for charity, it also features an iconic image of the ever-popular Beatles. The long, tall design of the Xbox 360 seemed to invite artistic embellishment, and a series of murals and paintings isn’t even that weird considering another console on this list.

These were part of a limited edition that were auctioned to raise funds for Doctor’s Without Borders. The auction prices fluctuated, but the highest final bid was $17, 300.

3-Gatti Gold PS4

Picture it, the Adriatic Coast of Italy, the city of Benedetto del Tronto, 2014. Three Italian goldsmiths, all brothers, decide they’re going to combine their trade with video games. We’re not sure what inspired these old-school Venetian jewelers to found Gatti Luxury Labs, but we want everything they make, even if it costs us our firstborn child.

They don’t mess around, either. In 2014, Marco Gatti made it clear to NBC News that these were solid gold, not just plated, and they are just as functional as a regular console. That might also explain the price tag, $13 800.

2-The 24K Gold-Dipped Playstation 3

The company was known as Computer Choppers when they designed this version of the PS3 in 2014. The console is available in other colors, such as black chrome, rose gold, and platinum, and all of them sell for the same price, $5000. Unlike others on this list, it’s easier to find, still in stock and still in production.

1-Lara Croft Gem-Studded Xbox 360

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