The 2019 Funny Wildlife Photography

Now, if you want to delight your eyes with some of the funniest wild animals on the planet, just scroll down for the 2019 nominees. We selected 20 of them, courtesy of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards and the photographs’ authors. We know you’ll find yourself wondering what those animals are actually thinking of when caught in their funny mood, and that’s why we’ll make it easier for you, by telling you what we think was actually going on in those pictures. Which your favorite photo ?

1. Let there be Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards
2. “Let’s do this dance to make the 2019 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards nominees list!”
3. “You had to have another beer… Why did I marry you? Why?”
4. “He’s coming for me, isn’t he?”
5. “She said she was home alone!”
6. “I think that human is going to post a picture of us on Instagram”
7. “I can walk on water, I can walk on water…if I can walk fast enough”
8. “I forgot to kiss her goodnight…”
9. Natural beauty having a moment
10. “I forgot to feed the babies”
11.”You mean to tell me you post pictures on Instagram and wait for people to like you?”
12. “Noo, I forgot about her birthday? What am I gonna’ do now?”
13. “So you hold the camera like this and wait for my sign, ok?”
14. “This guy here likes us!”
15. “They see me rollin’ they hatin’”
16. We’re not going to cooment here…
17. Relaxed little baby feeling safe and in his element. This is how they should all feel. Maybe it’s up to us to make them feel this way
18. Wrong girl in the wrong place
19. I bet they’re playing some sort of blind and seek game
20. Preparing for something?

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