Sun And Moon Photography By Andrew McCarthy

Andrew McCarthy is a Sacramento-based astrophotographer who captures stunning images of space from his backyard. A short while ago, the man managed to capture photos of the International Space Station (ISS) traveling in front of the sun and moon, and the images are absolutely breathtaking.

The photographer says he captured the photo of ISS in front the sun using two scopes: one with a white light filter to capture the details of the ISS, and one with a hydrogen-alpha solar telescope to capture the surface details of the sun. “By blending the images together I get a crisp, detailed snapshot of the transit,” explained Andrew.

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Astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy managed to capture these amazing photos of the ISS in front of the sun and moon from his backyard

To capture the ISS in front of the moon, Andrew says he had to spend hours scouting for the right location before finally setting up his gear on the side of the road hoping to capture an amazing shot.

“It doesn’t get much cooler than this”

“Something about the way the illuminated ISS straddles the crescent gives it a sense of depth lacking in my previous transit shots,” said the astrophotographer. Andrew explained that the image was captured by recording a high framerate video of the pass and stitching together a full mosaic of the moon after it was over. He then blended the images together with ones captured before sunrise to get the breathtaking “Earthshine” effect you can see on the dark side of the moon.

Here’s the ISS up close

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See more of Andrew’s incredible space photos below!

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