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Spectacular Stone Arrangements by Jon Foreman

Finding rocks or pebbles on the beach is a great thing for kids. You can search for “treasures” for hours. But for earth artist John Foreman, he not only looks for them, but also arranges them in interesting formations on the beach. Foreman said:

“The simple process of putting a stone on a rock in the sand is very therapeutic. I am sure we all enjoy walking on the beach, but this process seems more haunting. Being in the midst of nature, being at a loss and leaving daily stresses behind. There are so many ways to work with a stone, color, size, shape of the angle in which it is placed, the direction in which it is pointing, the possibilities are endless, even though stone is not the only material of my choice is currently my favorite because it offers so many different choices. “”

Foreman lives in Pembrokeshire, Wales, and is fortunate because there is a vast coastline with extraordinary beaches. After arriving at the beach, he planned to spend an average of four hours there to make his artwork. The art of this earth is mortal and will eventually be restored from its home country. “This will often be a race to the end when the waves approach,” Foreman said. “I try to keep seeing how the work goes out and to capture the moment of impact.” This can be a terrible time, but Foreman decides to see beauty in his short life.

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