Spectacular Giant 3D Street Art

Not everyone likes street art and I don’t blame them. Just because street art cannot be called “art”. But there are some extraordinary artists who turn walls and empty rooms into works of art, and Milan-based street artist Cosimo Cheone Kaifa is definitely one of them. However, he took a step forward! Instead of drawing normal 2D, incredible 3D interactive parts are created that look fantastic.

Cosimo has a large collection of works, while we only focus on large numbers of people. With special 3D techniques, you will find that this giant can actually interact with objects around it or the people around it. The way Cosimo works convincingly. He plays very well with perspective. From one point of view, their artworks look strange and flawed, on the other they look very normal. With this technique he lets his art appear and look like a part of the environment. It’s not easy to do work like this. You need to look for it, have a good understanding of art theory, and use your environment effectively.

Cosimo’s artwork is truly unique and has a different style and technique. If you like what you see here, you should definitely head over to his Instagram page to explore more.

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