Spectacular Dracula Parrot

Black beak rings, heads and tails, black and gray breasts and red feathers that look like slimy feathers make the name “Dracula” perfect for this parrot! Parrot pesque is a very bright bird with a very bright color that distinguishes it from other parrots and looks like a true rebel.

Here at Tired Fox, we fell in love with this goth from the parrot world and we hope you’ll appreciate its extraordinary beauty too.

Bayan Pesque lives in the mountains in Papua. Its rather unusual coloring gives the parrot – Dracula’s parrot a second name. Male and female parrots look almost the same except for a small detail: females do not have small red spots behind their ears. Dracula’s parrot is large and reaches 18 inches from its beak to the tip of its tail. Their half-bald heads make them look more sinister and more attractive at the same time.

In addition to its unique appearance, this cockatoo produces a bit of noise, which is often called squinting and growling. Unfortunately, due to its bright color, pesque cockatoos have become the target of poachers and the population is shrinking. We hope that raising awareness of this problem will help keep these birds and other species alive and safe.

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Miniature Calender Photography By Tatsuya Tanaka