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Spectacular Colorful Vegan Food by Jose

You might already hear the genius 18-year-old food artist Jose , goes by Naturally.Jo on Instagram, who spends his time creating almost the most adorable and colorful vegan food. Made of vegan ingredients ONLY, his stunning culinary creations just open a door for the people who is on strict diet by show the playful side of vegan options.

His all-vegan food includes cakes, brownies, ice cream, smoothies, and toast, and is always colorful and beautifully styled. I have totally no idea how much time is needed to create something like that. Sometimes Jose posts a list of ingredients that is used to make the food, challenging his fans to recreate his recipes. So, if you are interested, you can try by yourself and let us know.

Lastly, do you agree Jose’s statement “Life is too short to eat boring food.” I guess I am probably a boring and dull person in his mind, because I think “Life is too short to make pretty food only.”

Surreal Photo Manipulation by Stephen McMennamy