Spectacular Calligraphy Artwork On The Local Tram

Here’s a Russian tram after the Stenograffia, a festival of calligraphy in Yekaterinburg. The author of the painting was a calligrapher Vasya Bas. The main message, encrypted in the intricacy of the letters was the phrase: “Life is movement”.

Also inside the emerald and gold ornament you can find the words: “movement”, “growth”, “art”, etc. Many words used in the painting are written in the Cyrillic alphabet, but there are also English expressions. For example, the keen eye will find the life-affirming phrase “don’t stop”.

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“I reasoned as follows: the tram constantly gathers different people, so some particular text will not fit”, – comments the artist.

“A friend recently gave me a thought: why not paint a tram? And I thought: bingo! And the local tram should be exactly vintage, charming” – says Vasya Bas.

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