Self – Driving Robocar Polestar 1K

Getting to know Polestar 1K, a concept that has changed from a challenge to a design into a fully detailed concept. The 1K Polestar journey begins on Instagram as part of the Inktober Polestar Challenge. Designer Fabian Bress has set itself the task of turning simple language, almost like the architecture of an automobile company, into something that is aggressively racist.

The 1K Polestar is without doubt a race car, but not a driver. The aesthetics, inspired by Speed ​​Racer, do not include the cockpit, they are fully designed for robots and show a clear disregard for humanity – which is made clear by the fact that Death For All Human is written on the lower wing! Breës has developed the beauty of this science fiction inspired by crime, the Killer T-1000 from Terminator 2. Hyper electric cars are equipped with cameras in all angles, including 360 ° cameras in the central tower, which do not have leaf blind spots. If that wasn’t enough, the antagonistic autonomous car even came with a secret evil AI brain!

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