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Perfectly Food Art by Helga Stentzel

When I was a kid, I always heard my mom said don’t play with your food. But when I become a mom, the world has changed and playing with food isn’t a really problem in some cases. There are so many food related art which just show you the other side of food. And playing with food probably becomes good for kids imagination and creativity. Hence, my rules becomes as long as you not waste food, you can play a bit with your food.

Probably not only I have that kind of thoughts, there just more and more creative food art and every artist has their own perspective of food. Helga Stentzel, the food/visual artist we feature in this post, who loves studying food and coming up with new stories around it. With a variety of different ingredients Stentzel creates adorable animals and witty scenes out of everyday food. Walnut bear, cabbage dog, reading teabag and signing avocado, scroll down and take a look of how these food look like in Stentzel’s eyes. You can see more on Stentzel’s Instagram.

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