People Are Sharing The Most Interesting Things They Collect

If you’re anything like me, the only things you’re good at collecting are old grocery receipts and parking tickets. But, believe it or not, some people actually collect things that have value (either material or sentimental) – and their collections are actually quite impressive.

People from all around the world are sharing the most interesting things they collect, and some of them might leave you surprised. From perfectly round pebbles to pyramids of bowling balls, check out some impressive collections of odd and interesting things in the gallery below!

#1 This Is One Of Several Alphabets Assembled By Belgian Type Designer Clotilde Olyff From Stones Collected At The Beach

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#2 My Doctor Has A Kept All The Pictures Kids Have Drawn Of Him

mage source: Drewskie888

#3 I Started Feeding Bar Nuts To These Crows That Are Regular To The Patio Of A Bar I Work At. My Collection Of Gifts Finally Started After 3 Months

Image source: saroj7878

#4 A Year Ago, I Started Staying In And Peircing State Quarters, Instead Of Going Out And Getting In Trouble. Here Is My Collection So Far

Image source: OfeyDofey

#5 Perfectly Round Rocks I Found On The Beach. Bonus: Egg, Dorito, And Watermelon Rock

Image source: lbm216

#6 Over The Past 15 Years My Dad Collected 1,785 Bowling Balls And Built A Giant Bowling Ball Pyramid

Image source: buildingsonfire

#7 My Grandfather’s Pencil Sharpener Collection I Inherited

Image source: mattygraddy

#8 My Grandma With Her Birdhouse Collection

Image source: Moeiekoe

#9 This Man’s Collection Of Lost Apples Varieties

Image source: bukithd

#10 This Is My Periodic Table Of Elements With Actual Elements

Image source: electricfoxyboy

#11 Since The Late 80s, My Office Has Been Collecting Used Staples That Were Removed From Documents That Needed To Be Microfilmed/Scanned. Here Is That Collection

Image source: clowns_will_eat_me

#12 The Product Of 15 Years Collecting Shedded Antlers From The Woods

Image source: Baker359

#13 Collection Of Reference Seeds Found In My Grandad’s Attic

Image source: HungryBanana07

#14 My Girlfriend Cleaning Her Monopoly Collection

Image source: eoin27

She has about 600. There are some duplicates and most are sealed. The oldest one is from the 1940’s I think. My favorite is the Harley Davidson one which weighs about 20 pounds

#15 My Four-Leaf-Clover Collection (Plus A Couple Five-Leafers In The Middle)

Image source: mardo4

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