Miniature Calender Photography By Tatsuya Tanaka

Tanaka Tatsuya, an art director and photographer based in Japan, creates fun and imaginative dioramas and places small characters in all kinds of strange scenes. Tatsuya has been working on a very special project called a miniature calendar every day for five years.

Tanaka said: “Everyone should have such thoughts at least once. Broccoli and parsley sometimes look like forests or tree leaves floating on the surface of the water and sometimes look like small boats. Daily events from a dwarf perspective can bring us lots of funny thoughts “The key word here is every day. Tanaka has truly committed to photographing one of these scenes every day, a project entitled “Miniature Calendar,” and has been doing it since April 2011, using everyday items as props so that little people can take care of diving with bananas as a half pipe from the pug to the blue ocean and play golf on the grassy iPhone case.

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