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Japanese Artist Crazy Creations Takahiro Shibata

Takahiro Shibata is a Japanese animator and modeling artist who is known for his crazy Japanese culture-inspired creations. Just a few days ago, the artist shared photos of his latest creation – a face mask for people who wear glasses that looks like a steaming bowl of ramen. “The more clouded the glasses are, the hotter the ramen looks,” joked Takahiro. I’m pretty sure everyone who wears glasses on the regular will be able to relate. The mask went viral almost instantly, receiving nearly 250 K likes in just a few days. Sadly, although Takahiro sells a lot of his creations on his online store, the ramen mask isn’t available for purchase yet.

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Japanese artist Takahiro Shibata recently shared his latest creation – a face mask that looks like a steaming bowl of ramen

“The more clouded the glasses are, the hotter the ramen looks,” jokes the artist

Takahiro regularly shares all sorts of wacky creations – like this ring that looks like a tuna can

You can even detach the “can” part and have be left with a ring that looks like some nice canned tuna – yum!

Image source: iine_piroshiki

Takahiro has also baked giant sunflower cookies for his sister

“My sister asked me, “I want to eat a snack that increases tension.” So when I made “human-sized sunflower seeds,” she said, “Tension went up,”” writes the artist. Now, I’m not entirely sure what that means but it sounds absolutely hilarious.

Takahiro says that the outer shell of the “advanced fortune cookie” is a cookie and the seed is made of chocolate. The artist even shared a recipe so you can make one yourself, although you’ll have to brush up on your Japanese skills for this one.

The artist also baked a sponge cake that looks like an actual dish sponge – cleaning foam included

Takahiro also created this black and blue (or is it white and gold?) cake that may look a little weird – but just keep on scrolling

Ta-dah! The cake suddenly looks a lot different when the colors are inverted

The artist says that his sister asked for a cake that would stand out from the others – that’s why he baked one with reversed colors. Takahiro adds that the blue strawberry was made using jelly.

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