Giant Black Lives Matter Murals Usa

If you’ve been following the news closely, you probably heard about or saw pictures of the giant “Black Lives Matter” mural that was painted on Sixteenth Street in Washington D.C. a few weeks before. The 35-foot tall letters stretched over two blocks and the mural became a significant symbol of the Black Lives Matter movement almost over night. This though-provoking piece of art has even prompted D.C.’s mayor Muriel Bowser to officially rename the area “Black Lives Matter Plaza“.

Soon after the news about the Washington D.C. mural spread, numerous other cities across the U.S. followed suite, and one by one murals began popping up on streets all over the country. From the East Coast to the West, check out all the Black Lives Matter-inspired murals in the gallery below!

It all started with the “Black Lives Matter” mural in Washington D.C.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Los Angeles, California

Source: gettyimages

Dallas, Texas

Rochester, New York

Sacramento, California

Montpelier, Vermont

Denver, Colorado

Raleigh, North Carolina

Albany, New York

Oakland, California

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