Female Portraits By Kylli Sparre

Kylie Spear, who often obscures or hides the faces of her dramatically placed characters, takes magical portraits of young women and girls. The Tallinn-based art photographer captures his lonely objects among spinning fabrics or on towering tables with bicycle wheels. Many of them move, whether they dance against blurred scenes or jump over calm water.

Sparre told Colossal that he had begun experimenting with the technical aspects of the process, using scanners, arranging images in collages, and experimenting with motion and exposure time. Although he notes that many of his underwater photography series “will never see the light of day”, “he tries to be as open as possible”. I think what compels me to grow is the desire to keep going. I found “something” in the picture that would touch the chords in me. Because my interests change a little over time. It’s not always easy to be honest on this inner scale, but it’s still important. “”

To see more of Sparre’s conceptual projects focused on women, open Instagram.

“Wonder Wheels.”


“Learning Wheels”

“Modest Troubles”


“Wild Things in Mild Wind”

“Line in Time”

“Excusing Shadows”


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