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Dog owners share hilarious photos of unrecognisable pets after they find mud

Dog owners have been sharing before and after photos as their pristine pets channel their inner hippos and dive head first into the mud – leaving their humans with a huge clean-up job

Beaux and Bustar were nice and clean before the walk

Hours of bath time and blow-drying your dog can be undone in seconds if they manage to find a deep mud puddle to sink into on a walk.Although they emerge wearing a full body mud suit, they couldn’t look happier – and dog owners have been sharing hilarious before and after photos which have left their pets unrecognisable.

Keith Clarke and his wife Angela took their two Golden Retrievers out for some exercise in the Lake District, and the two pristine pups posed for a picture and even smiled for the camera.But within minutes Beaux and Bustar had run off to dive into mud and returned looking dramatically different, changing their glossy coats into a dark, slick mess.

They lined back up in the same exact pose for a second photo leaving their owners in stitches as Keith said you would “never have thought they were the same two dogs”.

Keith posted photos of the mischievous pair looking very pleased with themselves on Facebook, where it racked up thousands of likes.

And it turns out Beaux and Bustar aren’t the only ones who enjoy a relaxing mud bath.

But it didn’t take them long to find the mud

Onni the Samoyed managed to leave a perfect circle around his clean face

King Louie the Doodle felt like it was the right time for a new look

Indy the Mini Groodle ditched the party hat for a quick splash

Hugo the French Bulldog feels really at home in a muddy puddle

Chipper the English Springer Spaniel believes the best way to tackle mud is head first

Waggles the Golden retriever just wanted the car seats to match

Buddy the Amstaff Bulldog mix went for a subtle body covering

Lucy the Cockerpoo added some plants for extra flair.

Cooper the Chocolate Sproodle feels like a bath really isn’t necessary

Kayleigh the Black Mouth Cur mix has perfected the art of camouflage

Koira the Borzoi went out and got a snazzy new pair of trousers

Harvey the Golden Retriever/Irish Setter mix has kept his tongue spotless and he’s proud of it

And it’s just impossible to be mad at Winnie the English Lab

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