Crazy Perspective Photography By Hugo Suissas

Hugo Suissas is an art director from Lisbon, Portugal. He is the creative mind behind these so hard to believe forced perspective photography. Pizzas on ferris wheel, whisks as bird cage, steam iron as a ship, cloth hanger as a bridge are some of his freak and crazy innovative ideas.

Everyday things like ear phones, nail cutters turned into fun pictures is not something we come across on a regular basis. It amazing to see so much hidden talent from a self taught photographer and professional designer. He takes photos of crazy perspective with the natural surroundings and adds some extra fun event to make the photos interesting.

1-Dog on the wall

1-Perspective Photography

2-Untied laces

2-Perspective Photography

3-Toilet paper runner. 

3-Perspective Photography

4-Watch your tongue.

4-Perspective Photography

5-Electri-city of Berlin.

5-Perspective Photography

6-Jump to freedom.

6-Perspective Photography

7-Get high.

7-Perspective Photography

8-Amsterdam Marker Houses Collection.

8-Perspective Photography

9-2 euros saved.

9-Perspective Photography

10-Flight mode.

10-Perspective Photography

11-Don’t play with nature.

11-Perspective Photography

12-Pencil subway line

12-Perspective Photography

13-Little diamond.

13-Perspective Photography

14-Mind set

14-Perspective Photography

15-Catch up

15-Perspective Photography

16-Walk to the moon? Wine not?

16-Perspective Photography

17-Alien abduction

17-Perspective Photography

18-Hang the life.

18-Perspective Photography

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