Cardboard Cutouts Sunset Selfies John Marshal

John Marshal is a Maine-based photographer whose creativity seems to know no bounds. The man has an ongoing project he calls “Sunset Selfies” where he goes on magical adventures by creating intricate cardboard cutouts and photographing them in front of the sunset. He even comes up with unique and funny captions for each one! So far John has nearly 11 k followers on his Instagram account and I’m pretty sure you’ll join them too once you see his creative photos.

More info: Instagram | Facebook

#1 The Glide

Some moments are beyond words.

#2 The Miscalculation

Shadow thought she could jump across the canyon. I didn’t think she could make it.
Then she tried.
Unfortunately, I was right.

#3 The Iron Giant

When we really need one, there’s nothing better than a strong friend to lean on. Someone who’ll just stand there and listen. Like a giant robot.

#4 The Hike

“Look at us,” I said. “We’re lost in the woods. It’s almost dark. Whose idea was it to take this stupid hike anyway?”

#5 The Tour

When Impala Safari promises “Up Close Nature Tours,” they are not kidding.

#6 Presidents

Hey! Who took a bite of my apple?” I asked the three Presidents.“I can not tell a lie,” George said. “I did not do it.” “They don’t call me ‘Honest Abe’ for nothing,” Abraham said. “I didn’t do it either.” Then it was Donald’s turn. He swallowed what was in his mouth and simply said, “Obama!”

#7 The Helpful Local

I almost never ask for directions. But when I finally admitted I was lost to a local down on the beach, he actually offered to give me a ride.

#8 The Hunting Party

When I was asked to go duck hunting, this is not at all what I expected.

#9 The Cannonball

You know that expression: Look before you leap? Yeah, maybe a quick peek isn’t a bad idea.

#10 The Rescue

I didn’t ask how she got the plastic six-pack holder stuck around her neck. I was just happy to help.

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