Blade and Soul 2 Coming for Mobile 2021

Blade & Soul 2 and Aion 2 were both announced back at G-Star 2018 – well over a year ago. I’m aware NCSoft were working on both games at the time, and I’m well aware of your typical mobile games development cycle.
They’re churned out at a significantly faster rate than a PC game – and by that logic both of the aforementioned games should be well into development by this point, which I’m honestly sure they are.

Blade & Soul 2 Release Date : 2021 Q1

However, with the recent focus shift towards Lineage 2M my guess is that Blade & Soul 2 is most definitely on the back burner.
Unlike any of the other Blade & Soul mobile titles, Blade & Soul 2 is a direct, official sequel to the PC iteration of the game.
NCSoft went on to detail that the game will look even better than Blade & Soul on PC, have even faster, even higher quality, more “stylized” combat, and work on optimization.

If you ever played Blade & Soul for PC you’d know how poorly optimized that game was for the first few years of its life and how poorly optimized the game still is even after their supposed fixes.

Blade & Soul 2 is aiming to have a “free community” system, however, where players are no longer bound to separate factions, which means.. well, I dunno what that means.
They haven’t really elaborated on what form PvP will take in Blade & Soul 2 so this could mean that PvP is open and free to take place between any and everyone, or it could mean that PvP is exclusively limited to instanced PvP, I guess we’re gonna have to wait and see.

What do you think about the game?

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