Best Wildest Mullets Photographed At Mulletfest 2020

Tennessee top hat, Mississippi mud flap, the “Business in the front, party in the back” – these are just some nicknames for the abomination that is the mullet. But just because you and I think it’s one of the worst hairstyles that man has created, doesn’t mean everyone does. Heck, there’s even a whole festival dedicated to them! The festival, aptly called Mulletfest, is annually held in Kurri Kurri, Australia and it looks it will take more than a global pandemic to stop it.

This year, London-based photographer Craig Gibson decided to visit the festival and take some photos of the wildest mullets he could find in a series he called Kentucky Waterfalls. The photographer said he had seen the festival online before and just decided to book a flight and go. “The festival seemed quite loud, but I wanted to make something a bit quieter and fashion-based,” said Craig.

Check out some photos of the wildest mullets spotted at Mulletfest 2020 in the gallery below!

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