Auckland Utility Box Get Graffiti Makeup

Auckland-born artist, Paul Walsh, has painted telephone booths with animal figures inspired by internet memes in his hometown since 2013 and so far has painted fifteen. Early in the year, Walsh painted a cat that murmured on the wall in a local dog park and quickly became famous thanks to social media. Then one of the Chorus, the company that manages the New Zealand telephone network, contacted him and asked if he wanted to sign their utility program instead. Paul Walsh agrees.

Initially, Walsh was not compensated for his efforts, so he started an online fundraiser and collected $ 1,300, which allowed him to take time off from his day-to-day work and spend hours turning over large ugly boxes in public places in the arts. attention. However, in a recent Bored Panda post, Walsh announced that “he was paid a little for each – enough to cover his time and material.”

His artwork was accepted by the local community and the internet loved it. His work has been published on many street art blogs and sites. He was even interviewed by CNN and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation public broadcast. Last week he also held a painting exhibition with more than a dozen large canvases with themed animals, inspired by his work in Horus’ office.

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