Artist Isa Bredt “Disneyfies” Peoples’ Pets (15 Pics)

Isa Bredt is a 22-year-old Dutch artist who uses her artistic skills to turn peoples’ pets into Disney characters in a process she calls “Pet Disneyfication”

the artist said she loved drawing ever since she was little but only started considering it as a career before finishing high school – that’s when she decided to study illustration and animation. However, Isa quit after her third year to pursue a career in creating pet portraits.

The artist says that “Pet Disneyfications” were something she did sporadically in her free time for about five years. “I started because I was and still am a big fan of both drawing animals and the old Disney style,” said Isa.

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Even though Isa’s illustrations look almost like screenshots from a Disney film, the artist adds that she’s not an employee of Disney. “I am just a very big fan. The Lion King is my all time favorite movie, I used to watch it daily as a child,” revealed Isa. “I adore the old animal movies; Lady and the Tramp, 101 Dalmatians, the Aristocats.”





After the artist’s project took off, she even started to illustrate shelter pets as a way to help them find homes. Check out more of Isa’s adoarble illustrations in the gallery below!










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