Amazing Sculptures That You Never Knew Existed

Amazing Sculptures

Did you know the oldest known statuette, named Venus of Hohle Fels, dates back to around 33.000 – 38.000 BCE, and since then the sculpture art has changed in many ways? Yeah, Folks! Everyone knows the Picasso, the Bean, and Calder’s Flamingo. However, there are a lot more outstanding pieces of amazing sculptures by some of the most renowned artists that are yet to be seen.

Undoubtedly, beauty and wonder come in many forms in our world, from the natural or artificially made to the intact or ruined. Often, we are surrounded by things that we were unaware even existed. It’s not how something came about, or whether or not it’s still in mint tone. It’s magnificent (under)water sculptures and huge dragon wrapped buildings around the world that guarantees to elicit reactions of wonders and determines the worth of marveling at them. 

In this post, we have listed some incredible photos of amazing sculptures that we bet you never knew existed. Scroll on to see them yourself and get ready to be surprised!

1-Amazing fairy statue.

Amazing Sculptures-1

2-Sculpture of Mihai Eminescu in Romania.

Amazing Sculptures-2

3-Rain by Nazar Bilyk.

Amazing Sculptures-3

4-The Kelpies.

Amazing Sculptures-4

5-Knotted Gun sculpture outside United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Amazing Sculptures-5

6-The Heart of Trees by Jaume Plensa.

Amazing Sculptures-6

7-Salmon sculpture in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Amazing Sculptures-7

8-The Rising Tide By Jason Decaires Taylor, London

Amazing Sculptures-8

9-Cumil the Sewer Worker in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Amazing Sculptures-9

10-Spider, Tate Modern, London, Uk

Amazing Sculptures-10

11-The Caring Hand in Glarus, Switzerland.

Amazing Sculptures-11

12-Cherry on the spoon

Amazing Sculptures-12

13-Come meditate with me

Amazing Sculptures-13

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