Amazing Guillame Legros’s Ephemeral Landart

This giant graphite work, sprayed on fields and up hills, is the work of Swiss artist Guillaume Legros called Saipe.

Legros uses biodegradable dyes made from linseed oil, water and flour with natural pigments. The color only lasts about a month, but it may fade early depending on factors such as the amount of rain and the speed at which the grass grows.

One of his greatest works of art, showing a man dressed in Feudor and a follower smoking a pipe and looking into the distance, was made in 2016 on the grassy peaks of the city of Lysine in Switzerland. It measures 14,000 square meters.

Like many contemporary artists, Guillaume Legros began with drawing the subject and doing field research with his team. With meticulous accuracy, Legros and his team scrubbed the ground, planted stakes and then drew one by one, checked their progress from the air, and used drones to determine whether adjustments were needed. On average, it takes three months for a portrait of this size to finish and consume 650 liters of paint.

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