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Amazing Gravity Dogs Photos by Claudio Piccoli

I am always amazed by the photographers who can capture perfect moment photos with their keen eyes. For me, it is super hard to take photos of fast moving object. While photographer Claudio Piccoli can not only capture the amazing photos of running dogs but take them at the right moment and make our four-legged friends look like superheroes. They make the greatest leaps and bounds with ease—and often while having their eyes trained on catching a colorful frisbee.

Frozen moment! I can’t think about a better word than that to describe Piccoli’s photo. According to Piccoli, “Each dog and its movement requires different camera settings. Communication between the owner and their pup is also key. It’s very important to explain to the owner what we want to do in the shoot and what we are expecting or how they should move in the action to be photographed correctly.”

However, even with the cooperation of owners, the whole photographing requires a lot of patience. Dogs are not machines or models that can be paid to do something. If they are not in the right mood, you really need to be patient and wait for the moment coming up. And you have to get yourself ready all the time so the moment won’t slip between fingers.

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