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Amazing Funny Doll and Food Art William Kass

William Kass has a degree in architecture and urbanism and he now works with photography & visual arts.

” Minimize project began in February 2013. I established a visual style and from there I began to produce the scenes , the project was product in a studio where I tried to study composition , light and shadow etc. The project is focused on the art market and the advertising market .”

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Giant Swimming Pool – William Kass has Talent
Climbing the fruit mountain – So creative, so fresh
Im flying! Can you see it?
World cup pepper theme, relevant and awesome
Fishing in the amazon forest never looked so cool
Cowboy life, ride till I can’t no more
Rest in peace
Sumo wrestling on top of pizza dough
Exploring new worlds
This is my favorite and I don’t even know why
This looks like the eggs scene from alien
Watch out – Don’t fall
Lucky girl, it was too close
The reflection in the water – priceless. William Kass know his stuff
I got it!

Creative illustration Berlin by Martin Schwartz

The 2019 Funny Wildlife Photography