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Amazing Colourful Illustrations Using Real Food

Imagine this before you get 15 of these amazing color images that take food to an entirely new level! Do you know the time when you were really hungry and still had half an hour from this very important meeting and someone just talked endlessly and you could only think of the food? And then wake up on Instagram, scroll down and down and down until you find a very beautiful color picture that uses food perfectly and you don’t know if you are happy to find it or if you are really unhappy that you are what you are hungry for ? Yes, this is a complicated feeling, but it is real and can happen to anyone who discovers the work of artist Isoo Ortiz.

Cute characters from Spain with creative imagination as a combination of pastel lines and authentic food. The combinations are amazing and the combined perspective creates a stunning effect on the eye. The original three-dimensional fruit, which also has a very vibrant color, combined with a minimalist drawing style, creates something fresh, modern, and spontaneity. It looks a lot like a sketch, it’s just more than a sketch.

We love this type of art that really reminds you of what you think about art. No longer only oil paintings and study notes. The world of modern art continues to develop new forms of self-expression. Not everything will remain, but we believe that over time we will get a different type of art to sit quietly among the other 7 classic queens. Aren’t you excited about that? There are many voices that claim that our era has not created a real cultural movement, but with the development of things in the present, our age can create and regulate new artistic expressions.













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