8 Dogs Come Together To Set A World Record For Conga. Watch Viral Video

Eight dogs form a conga line to set a world record.

A 12-year-old dog trainer from Germany has earned a Guinness World Record for teaching her dogs how to do the conga. Alexa Lauenburger has trained eight of her dogs to form a conga line – a feat that has won her the Guinness title for “Most dogs in a conga line”.

The conga is a Latin American dance in which one person stands behind the other to form a chain. 

To achieve the record, Alexa and her dogs – Emma, Jennifer, Katy, Maya, Nala, Sabrina, Sally and Specki – formed a conga line in front of a Guinness adjudicator. “The first dog in the line (Sally), leaning on Alexa, had to cover a minimum distance of 5 m (16 ft 5 in) in conga formation, while the others had to maintain paw-to-back contact with the dog in front for the duration,” said Guinness World Records. 

The dogs aced the challenge – and how!

On Wednesday, Guinness World Records took to social media to share a video of Alexa and her dogs forming the record-setting conga line. The video has delighted thousands of viewers across the world, collecting more than 1.4 million views on Facebook alone. Watch the video below:

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