Everyone has their own particular way of chilling out. From soothing scents, to meditation, to a favorite back massager or weighted blanket, there are so many helpful tools and techniques out there to employ when the world feels overwhelming.

By no means are we saying that one particular product (or any product at all) is the antidote to stress and anxiety, but understanding the source of where yours is coming from can help you effectively deal with it.

If you’re looking for something to help calm you down during times of stress, these are a few of our favorite stress-relief products that prove sweet relief can really come from anywhere.

1-RENPHO Foot Massager Machine

Experience total bliss on demand with your very own foot massager. This stress-relief product is equipped with three different massage modes (each with three different intensities), which use a combination of rolling foot massage and compression for varying sensations. It even has an on/off heat mode!

2-Bed Buddy Heated Neck Pillow

“Crawl into bed with this microwaveable pillow wrapped around your neck and you cannot help but go ‘ahhhh’ and fade off into a dreamy sleep. Just 2 minutes in the microwave will get you about 20 minutes of soothing heat that melts away tension in your neck and shoulders. I like to drape mine over my temples and eyes for headache relief, too. The lavender and chamomile in this neck pillow really take the self-care vibes up a level.

3-MZOO Sleep Eye Mask

Block out all distractions with this indented sleep mask. Comprising low-rebound memory foam, it gently fits over your head and rests on your face. The eye holes block out all light without irritating your eyelids.

4-Tree Hut Shea Moisturizing Coconut Lime Epsom Salt

“There’s something to be said about the ritualistic nature of drawing a bath, lighting a few candles, soaking in the stillness of warm water, and letting the stress and noise of the outside world just momentarily slip away, free from distractions.

5-BalanceFrom Yoga Mat

One of our favorite places to find some balance is on the yoga mat. Even if you’ve never done a downward dog before, this affordable, user-favorite mat is a great stress-relief product because it gives you a cushy, supportive space to stretch out and move your body in a way that feels nice.

6-Gorilla Grip Original Spa Bath Pillow

“If you take a lot of baths, it’s nice to have a comfy place to lean your head back onto. This bath pillow is really comfortable, and it has tons of suction cups on the back, so it doesn’t slide all over the place.

“I also like that it isn’t an air pillow that you have to keep blowing up like a pool raft. It supports your neck, shoulders, and upper back.

7-Levoit Himalayan Salt Lamp

Sometimes the best relaxation products are the strategic elements that you add to your decor. The glowing light of this salt lamp is incredibly calming, and you can even control the brightness with a dimming feature.

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