3D Printed Dog House Made of 1019 Tennis Balls

The idea of ​​CallisonRTKL ++ two 3D printers + 1,019 tennis balls = smart dog houses to be auctioned off to utilize Texas SPCA. The Dallas-based architecture and design office designs a Fetch House with a continuous facade made of more than 1,000 tennis balls with a 3D-printed modular support structure. The ball stays in place through compression, but can be easily accessed to play with your chip. When playing time runs out, the ball can be returned to the wall of the dog’s house.

Even if you’ve never built anything in your life, you can build this dog house. It’s designed as a kit with the modules snapping together with zero tools required. Since it’s a modular design, the dog house can grow by adding more modules to accommodate whatever size your dog is.
The nature of the design allows for balls to be removed in random patterns to allow more air or light to enter the interior.

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