30 Classical Hollywood Stars Colorized By Olga Shirinina

Olga Shirinina, is a Russian artist who is known for colorizing old photos of Russian history, ranging from the times of the Russian Revolution to World War II. Recently, however, the artist tried something different and gave a handful of black & white photos of Hollywood celebrities colorful makeovers.

The artist tackled some well-known portraits of celebrities from the Golden Age of Hollywood and gave us a unique glimpse at what they might have actually looked back in the day. See the colorized photos of Hollywood stars like Elizabeth Taylor, James Dean, and Lana Turner,Marlon Brando in the gallery below!

1-Elizabeth Taylor

2-James Dean

3-Lana Turner

4-Marlon Brando

5-Grace Kelly

6-Greta Garbo & Robert Taylor

7-Marilyn Monroe

8-Marilyn Monroe

9-Audrey Hepburn

10-Audrey Hepburn

11-Ava Gardner

12-Gene Tierney

13-Lauren Bacall

14-Elizabeth Taylor

15-Audrey Hepburn

16-Marilyn Monroe

17-Marlene Dietrich

18-Rita Hayworth

19-Marilyn Monroe

20-Anita Ekberg

21-Jean Harlow

22-Anita Ekberg

23-Merle Oberon

24-Marilyn Monroe

25-Barbara Stanwyck

26-Audrey Hepburn

27-Marlene Dietrich

28-Audrey Hepburn

29-Rita Hayworth

30-Audrey Hepburn

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