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20 Overloaded Vehicles That Look Like Collapsing Every Minute

When you load a car with luggage, you usually reach a certain limit. Above this limit, he gets too much for the vehicle and for himself. However, there are people who don’t understand or don’t want to understand this limitation because there is a big problem they have to deal with, so they overload their vehicles without a care in the world.

Sometimes charging your vehicle can cause more problems, but we hope that the people in these photos have survived the trip and are doing well now. What kind of vehicle? Well, trucks, bicycles, scooters, motorbikes, trains, etc.

I don’t even want to think about the structure of the vehicle, the brakes, the tires, this engine. Just look at the pictures below. Your idea of ​​how many people who fit a certain type of vehicle is very challenged.

1. Somewhere in Sahara
this is the most overloaded vehicle I ever saw
It moves, so there is still space for more
2. Shanghai
This might just defy the laws of gravity a little bit, but who are we to talk about gravity when the foundation of China’s economy, the migrant workers, are moving goods around the city on their bicycle?
3. Africa
Like in a surreal painting
4. Bangladesh
And I thought that the 9 am underground train was crowded…my bad. You win, Bangladesh!
5. Sahara
After staring for some 20 minutes at this picture, I still don’t get it how they hang the luggage there. It surely takes masterclass organisational skills
6. Goose Trip To Vung Tau, Vietnam
The geese seem to love the ride
7. Carefully Driving With Eggs
This is the bravest man I’ve ever seen. He surely loves his eggs
8. Zhuji
This is something I cannot unsee. This electric tricycle is used to transport recyclable material in Zhuji
9. Hangzhou
Recycling plastic like a pro
10. China
Just your usual brick bike
11. China
This guy knows how to carry cargo
12. Motorcycle With Plastic Bottles
Make way, the man with bottles is coming
13. Germany
Just your usual, everyday, church on wheels
14. India
Bus with Passengers – Indian National Highway 34 – Nakashipara – Nadia
15. Just a little truck carrying some bags
16. Efficient transportation
17. And the car is still moving
18. This is how you dangle a truck
19.  Want some?
20. This is an efficient worker

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