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20 Disney Characters in Beautiful Avatars Food Art by Laleh Mohmedi

20 Disney Characters in Beautiful Avatars Food Art by Laleh Mohmedi

Jacob’s food diaries is the brainchild of Laleh Mohmedi. She has a fussy son who refused to eat his food, so one day she she created a figure out of cut pancakes and her son absolutely loved it. Soon it was a rave on insta feeds and everyone absolutely loved her food art. Thus Jacob’s food diaries was born. Her food art became popular within a month and she gained media attention from top top stations like ABC, Martha Stewart, CBS and more.

She uses food items like eggplants, potato, celery, capsicum(colors), quail eggs, carrot, fungi, noodles, flour and more to recreate Disney characters and cartoons into creative food art. She uses organic vegetable or fruit juices as dyes for the vegetables, making it organic and thus edible. Following her successful food art creatives, Jacob’s food diaries is in collaboration with Disney, Nickelodeon , 20th century fox and more.

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Food art kangaroo
Food art joker
Food art monkey
Food art alien
Food art lion
Food art maleficient
Food art man
Food art mickey minnie
Food art up 
Food art poppy
Food art princess
Food art sam
Food art sea 
Food art simpson
food art witch
food art lady
food art up-2
food art panda 
food art mama coco
food art jessie

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