20 Amazing Places Around the World That Look Straight Out of a Wes Anderson Film

If you’ve ever seen any of Wes Anderson’s movies, you should know that he has a unique and recognizable sense of aesthetic, made of symmetry, washed out pastel colors and a decadent vibe. His style is so subtle and at the same time captures your attention at how much contrast it holds to modern world. His fans love this kind of vibe and have started taking photos of places that take them right into the set of a Wes Anderson film. There is a subreddit, called Accidental Wes Anderson, where fans from around the world post these photos they take, and we have to say most of them are definitely remarkable. Take a look at some of our favorite picks below.

1-Moomin House In Naantali, Finland

2-Stadt-Bad Gotha In Gotha, Germany

3-A Chimney Sweep From Tallinn, Estonia

4-Hotel Belvédère Near The Rhône Glacier, Switzerland

5-Swimming Pool In Hamburg, Germany

6-Dan Sully Photography: Singapore

7-Grand Hotel Misurina, Italy

8-Good Records In Dallas, U.S.

9-Door In Kiev, Ukraine

10-Conservatory Of The George Eastman House In Rochester, U.S.

11-Malina Swimming Pool In Bratislava, Slovakia

12-Hotel Saratoga In Havana, Cuba

13-Train In Flåm, Norway

14-“Ebb Tide” At Gold Crest Resort Motel By Tyler Haughey

15-Estoi, Portugal

16-Spadina Road, Toronto

17-“Chateau” By Jeremy Kohm In Ottawa, Canada

18-Berlin, Germany

19-The Exchange District In Winnipeg, Manitoba

20-Metro Train In Brussels, Belgium

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