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15 National Flags Made From Food

These delicious flags were designed for the Sydney International Food Festival by the advertising agency WHYBINTBWA. It’s a fantastic concept that creates a nation’s flag from the food associated with the country. Now many of you will likely disagree with some of the foods selected to symbolize a particular country, but keep in mind it can be challenging to not only use food that represents the country but also works with the actual design of the flag (e.g., starfruit for stars). And it’s for fun! Don’t take it too seriously 🙂

The Sifter was not able to identify all of the ingredients, so please help label the missing ones! And let us know in the comments which flags you would add and what foods it would be made of! I think for Canada, it would have to be two huge strips of peameal bacon for the red stripes and a maple leaf made out of maple syrup! Mmmm mayple syrup.

ITALY – Basil, pasta, tomatoes
Banana leaf, limes, pineapple, passion fruit
Curries, rice, pappadum wafer
Tuna and rice
Kalamata Olives and feta cheese
Lavash, fattoush, herb spring
Rambutan, lychee, starfruit
Meat pie, sauce
Kimbap and sauces
Scone, cream, jams
Blue cheese, brie, grapes
Pittaya/dragon fruit and star fruit
Hot dogs, ketchup, and mustard or cheese

Turkish Delight (Lokum)
Chorizo and rice

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