15 Interesting Facts That Might Change The Way You See Certain Things

Here’s a fun fact – everyone loves a fun fact. Realizing that, Danish infographic agency Ferdio launched Factourism – a project that’s dedicated to bringing you the most fascinating facts about our world through fun illustrations.

In an interview with Bored Panda, a Ferdio spokesman said that it can be hard to separate truth from fiction in a world where fake news and misinformation are on the rise. They said that this shouldn’t be the case and that the world is already fascinating without faking it. That’s why the agency created Factourism – a place where people can explore amazing facts about the world that combines their love for strange facts with their love for illustration.

“Sure, there already are a lot of fact-based websites and SoMe accounts, but most of these simply lack quality. When it comes to design and creativity, they often use stock images and/or text in a very generic way,” said the spokesperson. “The main problem, however, is that these facts are either doubtful or, even worse, non-existent in the first place.”

Factourism’s facts are hilarious, mind-blowing, horrifying, and cover all sorts of topics from nature to technology. “We like that you can explore all sort of things from farts, selfies, pizzas, sweat, Ikea, Nutella, sex toys, you name it,” said the spokesperson. Check out all the fun facts prepared by Ferdio in the gallery below!

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Geese have excellent hearing, exceptional eyesight, are very territorial, aggressive, and loud. For all of these reasons, some police stations in rural parts Xinjiang Province now have geese guarding at night.


Born in 1913, Sister Mary Kenneth Keller professed her vows with the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the 40s, before proceeding to get a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a master’s degree in mathematics and physics in the 50s. Finally, she completed her PhD in computer science in the 1965, one of the first two of its sort in the US, with her thesis “Inductive inference on computer generated patterns”.⁠


Seven configurations for each of the days that can start the year, times two for leap and non-leap years, it’s that simple.⁠

2020 started on a Wednesday and is a leap year, as we will get a February 29 like almost every 4 years. The last leap year to start on that day was 1992, as were 1964 and 1936, so search your attic and explore your local thrift shops, see if you can excavate a calendar to recycle for the new year!⁠


It’s no secret that today’s birds are descendants to what used to be dinosaurs. To study the locomotion of dinosaurs, researchers from the faculty of science of the university of Santiago realised that by moving backwards the centre of gravity of common birds, chickens, from their hatching to their adulthood, they could get the birds to walk more or less like dinosaurs used to. How? By having the chickens wearing artificial tails.


Kids aged four and six were asked to perform a repetitive task, but offered the option to take breaks playing video games instead. No need to say that they didn’t persevere much at the assignment. But across both ages, they did spend more time working in the case they were impersonating Batman.


Prolific in sketches and notes-taking, Leonardo da Vinci was ambidextrous. He was able to draw and write (in his infamous backwards script) with both his left and right hands.


When grapes are put in a microwave oven, especially when cut in two, their shape and material refract the waves in a way that eventually ionise the sodium and potassium content of the fruit and create plasma that ignites and takes fire. A popular science-fair/YouTube trick, Canadian scientists have since studied the phenomenon and reproduced it using artificial water beads. They note that the science behind it could serve as a base to develop wireless antennas and superresolution imaging. All thanks to someone who once wanted to eat warm grapes.⁠


Several species of ants, attines, started farming 55 to 60 millions of years before humans did. They favourite food? Fungus. They organise themselves around cutting grass and leaves, bringing them back to their colony, watching after fungus growing on the harvested crop, and then collecting and eating the fungus. The fungus species evolves along with each ant species.⁠


We know more than 7,500 cultivars of apples. Some are good for eating, others are better for cider, jelly, or ornamentation, certain are quite old and not fit for mass production.


⁠Cleaning exposes your lungs to chemical sprays and other cleaning agents, which causes damage to respiratory health in the long term. It is especially true for people doing cleaning as their job. A study found out that over time, the impairment caused by cleaning is similar to smoking cigarettes: “This study suggests that […] long-term respiratory health is impaired 10–20 years after cleaning activities. […] The effect size was comparable to the effect size related to 10–20 pack-years of tobacco smoking.” (A pack-year being the number of packs smoked in a day multiplied by the number of years spent smoking)


In the nineties, Ethan Zuckerman was working for a website named Tripod. The website was displaying advertising, but the ads were getting in the way of the content and announcers were not always happy with the pages their banners ended up appearing on. When a big car manufacturer was not that keen of having their ad displaying on a page about sodomy the website was hosting, Ethan came up with a solution: a simple piece of code that would open the ad in a separate window. The invention took on, and spread far more than anyone would have wanted, becoming one of the most hated form of online advertisement, and leading browser vendors to implement pop-up blocking features. Ethan finally went public with an apology: “I’m sorry. Our intentions were good”. He believes that “advertising is the original sin of the web” and is now the director of the MIT Center for Civic Media.⁠


Image source: factourism


Not only rabbit can recognise the smell of faeces of known predatory species, but it has been found that they are also able to distinguish the ones that has specifically been eating other rabbits. If an area houses an animal a little too fond of eating rabbits in the near past, then it is probably best to avoid this place for a while.⁠


Billionaire Jeff Bezos, entrepreneur behind Amazon and richest person in the world, is worth $110 billion. He earns $2,489 a second. In 15 minutes, he earn as much as what an American with a bachelor’s degree earns in their lifetime. In the meantime, many are the Amazon workers who are edging the threshold of poverty. Bezos is notably using some of his money to launch manned space programmes.


A small study, performed in 2008 in California on ten persons being recorded performing everyday office tasks, showed that they were on average touching their face 15.7 times an hour. If we consider a sleeping time of 8 hours, that’s about 250 times a day during waking hours.

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