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15 Interesting and Stunning Murals By Odeith

Did you know, in 15th Century artists introduced anamorphic art that involved the application of perspective technique? The result was a deformed image that transformed into its true form when people viewed it from the right vantage spot. Today, contemporary street artists are making it popular again through their stunning 3D mural drawings and graffiti artworks. It is becoming quite popular in this generation. So many talented artists are popping up all over the world. Some of them certainly made a name for themself among the top anamorphic artists.

These artists create remarkable anamorphic murals that appear to pop out of the walls on which they are painted. They use spray paints to add visual depth to flat surfaces. The resulting images seem so realistic that it’s hard to believe that they’re all just a painted illusion. Scroll on to see some of  the best works we found on the internet and curated in our list below and enjoy peeps!

Artist : Odeith

1-The level of detail is amazing.

2-Come on man. I still have 3 hours till I have to be at work.

3-So what’s going on with you?

4-My precious.

5-I’m sure that’s not the kind of spider that’ll give you super powers.

6-Are you sure that’s going to hold it?

7-Dragon Ball will just introduce another Super Saiyan level.

8-I guess it’s time to pray to whatever you believe in.

9-Just playing a little shadow charades.

10-Target acquired.

11-Bad idea.

12-Modern day Orochimaru.

13-One of my biggest fears is getting chased by giant insects.

14-That’s why you shouldn’t feed the animals at the zoo.

15-That has got to be painful.

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