15 Funny Pictures Showing The Moment Right Before Impact

Of all the funniest memes and photos on the Internet, the photos that show the moments before their impact are the funniest. This should not have a big impact, not to mention large buildings collapsed on the ground, large trees fell on houses, or one of these natural disasters. No, we are talking about minor effects, such as inserting a threshold woman into a pool (without planning a swimsuit) or water from a full bucket right before touching the target, a man’s head. The funny thing is that these people are happy, carefree and don’t know what will happen in the next second. I really don’t know how these photos were taken, but they are really brilliant and you can’t help but laugh at seeing.

If you have a bad day today, your boss is rude to you. Why not sit down, relax for a moment, and imagine you are in one of these situations? Quite easy. All you need is a lively imagination and a good sense of humor. Smile! Everything will be alright. Even for these people, everything went well in the end. The moment of impact was the most difficult and moments later. Then we wake up, dust each other and move on.

Right before impact, she has no idea

Poor kid. Probably a little indigestion that ruined the whole picture

He seems so happy that a ball is going to hit him, even happier than the guy in the water

Cats and water vs. girls and roller skates. Who wins at the funniest right before impact pictures?

Something awful’s going to happen. The beer lovers surely know this!

Well, I’m sure it’s not her first. You gotta’ love this sport

Ouch! Hurt

Another happy girl right before impact

The boy on the right tried a trick his bike was not ready for…

Right before the impact! That pilot had no idea!

So, the woman had no idea there was a pool behind her?

The moment you realize something is wrong…

I hope it didn’t turn out too bad for the ‘receiver’. The ‘giver’ has a scary face

Right before the attack. She looks terrified! That’s an angry goat

This is an ugly one. Hope she’s Ok!

Huge-Scale Photorealistic Painting By Hirothropologie

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