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15 Funny Photos Of Lazy Hitchhiking Animals

In the animal kingdom it can be hard to catch a ride, thats just the way it is. So its no surprise these critters have decided to get a piggy back. Check out these hitchhiking animals!

15 Funny Photos Of Lazy Hitchhiking Animals


Rabbit with Sheeps

Hop on! Three wild rabbits escape rising floodwaters in New Zealand by clambering aboard sheep and surfing to safety on their backs


Snails with Frog

A frog seen sitting with to snails on its head.


Monkey with Parrot

A lazy monkey hitches a ride to the top of a tree – sitting on the back of a macaw. The squirrel monkey hopped onto the bird & wrapped his arms around its neck to avoid the 26ft climb. He lives with a male and female blue and gold macaw at a countryside hotel, where they always eat and play together. Photographer Alejandro Jaramillo was in San Agustin, Colombia, when he noticed the unsual friendship.


Seagull with pig

A seagull hitches a ride on a pig while it swims in the crystal blue sea off the coast of Bahamas. The secluded island of Big Major Cay is home to around 20 porky piggies and the island is affectionately referred to by locals as Pig beach. Visitor Julie Zoney and Kyla Larsen from British, Colombia, Canada were delighted by the charming pigs on their visit to the island.


Warthog with Pumbaa

This warthog in Zimanga Private Game Reserve, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa is channeling Disney\u0027s The Lion King, posing with  red-billed oxpeckers, just like the character Pumbaa


Bird with Fish

This seagull appears to surf on the back of a fish as it swoops down and catches it in the North Sea off the coast of Bempton Cliffs, East Yorkshire, England.


Skink with Dog

Skye the Staffordshire Bull terrier with best friend George the blue skink of Leicester. Skye was little more than skin and bones and weighed just 4.5kg when she was rescued by the RSPCA about a third of her ideal weight. She was the most malnourished dog staff and volunteers at Woodside Animal Centre in Braunstone Frith, Leicester, had ever seen. But over nine months of expert rehabilitation she was successfully fed back to health.


Turtle with Hippo

A hippo seems to lose its temper as terrapins hitch a hike on its back in Kruger National Park, South Africa


Snail with Frog

Slugging off: A frog is left in shock when a courageous snail climbs straight over him & continues along a branch in Isère, near Lyon, France


Bird with Turtle

A cheeky bird catches a quick ride on the back of a sea turtle around 20 miles off the coast of Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.


Mantis with Crocodile

A brave praying mantis clambers all over a baby crocodile for a sunbathing session in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


Funny frog with Spiky

The smooth green frog jumped over the spiky katydid! Amateur photographer Tanto Yensen captured this amphibian nonchalantly riding a dragon-headed katydid in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Funny octobus with dolphin

Here we bring you a collection of photographs showing the laziest creatures in the animal kingdom. An octopus clings to a dolphin as the dolphin breaches the surface in Port Macquarie, Australia.


Funny Snail with Crocodile

A snail crawls up the crocodile’s nose & peers into its gaping mouth as the predator rests in a pool, West Sumatra, Indonesia.


Funny snail

A snail hitches a ride on a terrapin in Padang, Indonesia.​

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