15 Fakest Car Scenes In The Entire F&F Franchise

I love the Fast and Furious movies, but sometimes they take things way too far. Check out the fakery in these unforgettable movie scenes.

The ability of action, fantasy or fictional movies to entertain and excite its viewers is based on creating a reality that is interesting, visually appealing and does not limit itself to the confines of what is established as normal, what is possible and what is impossible.

Action movies featuring cars are among the most fun to watch, as these movies show the most eye-candy – spectacular scenes of car chases, explosions, and races. These feats are the major draw of these blockbusters, where million-dollar CGI or stunts are a necessity to the flow of the movie, never mind that these actually defy physics or common sense.

This capacity to suspend disbelief is something that the Fast And Furious series of movies has mastered time and again, as seen with box office returns that rival the GDP of small countries. While it is understandable that the FF universe is not meant to be taken seriously, there are several scenes in many of their movies that are head scrathchingly and jaw-droppingly baffling, it embodies the “it’s so bad, it’s good” trope for movies. These are the fakest car scenes in the entire F&F franchise.

15-The Fast And The Furious – Quarter Mile Race

No better to place to start than the first of the series, where the now-famous/infamous “I live my life a quarter-mile at a time” line of Dom is put to the test literally in his final race with Brian. While a straight-line race between a tuner and muscle car isn’t unheard of, it’s the addition of the trying to beating barreling train that makes the scene so incredulous.

14-Tokyo Drift – Final Race On The Mountain

With Tokyo Drift giving fans a new protagonist and a front-row seat to drifting, the future of the series looked better than ever. Set outside of the US, viewers not only saw a different car culture but snippets of Japanese culture in its one-hour forty-five-minute run time. This sadly does not spare the viewer from watching a facepalm inducing race in the end, where car physics, much less human resilience to injury seems to have taken a back seat.

13-The Fate Of The Furious – Cars Being Hacked

Whereas the previous F&F films had the heroes battling a couple of drug lords, a crime lord and 2 British assassins, the 8th film in the series now had a techno supervillain that had access to computers and systems that allowed her to do sci-fi levels of mayhem, including gaining access and controlling the computer systems of a large number of cars and getting them to commit automotive suicide including dropping them from buildings.

12-Tokyo Drift – Parking Garage Race

Tokyo Drift had many memorable scenes, and as the title suggests, many of these were of the beautiful JDM’s drifting on highways or mountain roads. Early in the film, however, the race between Sean and Takashi showed a bit too much movie creativity with its cars being centimeters only from the walls of the parking lot.

11-The Fate Of The Furious – Car Tug Of War

It’s understandable that even in the Fast and Furious franchise, the hero and the hero car is given focus and somewhat special abilities to signify that yes, this is the hero. In FF8 however, this is taken to the extreme when Dom’s Dodge (Super) Charger not only wins a tug of war between other high-powered cars but manages to incapacitate many to them.

10-Fast And Furious 4 – Tunnel Race

Ignoring or being blind to obvious hazards aside, the drivers that took part in the tunnel/mine cave race in FF4 could probably be the luckiest or bravest drivers in the world as they boldly agreed, went flying through, and survived the insane obstacle course.

9-Tokyo Drift – Shibuya District Crossing Chase

In one of the best scenes of the whole franchise, Tokyo Drift had a chase scene involving Han, Sean, and Takashi careening through the heart of Tokyo during rush hour. While beautifully done, the same scene also highlights the impossibility of a car (in this case 3) not hitting anything or anyone while doing extreme evasive maneuvers.

8-2 Fast 2 Furious – Car Jumps Into Boat

With the late Paul Walker taking the reins for the second outing of FF and sidekick duties filled in by Tyrese Gibson, 2 Fast 2 Furious involved Brian going back to his law enforcement background to take down a drug lord, by any means. This movie ends with Brian taking “by any means” to the maximum level by using his car to incapacitate the drug lords yacht – Mission accomplished.

7-Fast Five – Prison Bus Rescue

Notwithstanding the legal implications, the Dom escape from the prison bus scene is among the most reckless and thoughtless things the characters in FF have done. To believe that using three high-powered vehicles to incapacitate, flip on its side a bus (manned by armed federal officers) and set free one inmate, is too much of a stretch.

6-Fast And Furious 4 – Fuel Tanker Hijacking

From the first movie, audiences learn that Dom and his gang were doing (illegal) side gigs to earn money. In FF4, they upped the ante by stealing cargo more valuable than home electronics and go after fuel trucks. With modded trucks of their own, they conduct implausible hijackings of multi-ton, filled to the brim moving tankers and unconvincingly pull it off.

5-The Fast And The Furious – Truck Hijacking

The Fast and the Furious was the movie that first showed Dominic Toretto’s love/hate relationship with cargo trucks. A central plot point to the film, successful heists involving these trucks culminated in a final daytime assault that results in one of the most drawn-out and ridiculous rescue scenes involving cars and ending with a cringe-worthy resolution.

4-Fast And Furious 6 – Airport Runway Battle

Now a popular meme, the FF6 runway battle scene pits Dom and team against terrorists fleeing in a massive Antonov cargo plane. Aside from the downright silly logic and premise of the battle, the most unbelievable aspect of this scene boils down to the length of the time of the fight and length of runway (average runways are 1.1 miles long), which experts have computed the FF6 runway at 26 miles long – Twice the length of Manhattan island.

3-Fast And Furious 6 – The Bridge Scenes

Setting aside the fully armed tank that was speeding and attacking vehicles unaccosted by police or military on a major highway, the highlight/lowlight of FF6 was the Dom super jump from speeding car to rescue Letty mid-air.

2-Furious 7 –  Building To Building Car Jump

Taking the action to the Middle East, Furious 7 sees Dom perform even more spectacular vehicular abuse, this time the unwilling victim being a $3.4 million Lykan Hyspersport supercar. Not content with using the Lykan as a bullet shelter from then enemy Deckard Shaw, Dom uses the car to escape by jumping it, not once, but twice out of a high rise building and landing to eyebrow-raising safety.

1-The Fate Of The Furious – Submarine Battle

The good thing about the Fast and Furious series is that it ups the ante for every new outing, both raising the stakes and the production values. For Fate of the Furious, its most recent film, the protagonists face their biggest challenge, a military submarine carrying the villain. Despite all odds and the use of an orange Lamborghini to fight it, the impossible happens, and they destroy the sub using Dom’s boiling rage and Dodge Charger.

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