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15 Creative Street Art Installations By French Artist Cal

Cal is a French artist that proves street art is not just graffiti and ugly tags. The artist hides little pieces of art in all sorts of nooks and crannies, and the way they use their surroundings is absolutely genius.

I love distracting things from their original purpose,” says Cal.



The artist says that they walk a lot and are always observing the details. “I often notice that a specific stone, piece of pavement, tree, brick looks like something,” says Cal.



Cal mostly creates art in the streets and parks of their town, Lyon. The artist loves going back to check on their works to see if they’re still there. “The artworks stay up from 5 minutes to several years depending on both the techniques and the discretion of the drawing,” says Cal.



“This year, I really enjoyed making fake books out of bricks, giving them titles, etc. I offered 5 of them (leaving them in the street) and put the 5 other ones in my art gallery @atelierducanal,” said the artist.

Check out more of Cal’s works below!










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