15 Cool Realistic Celebrity Portraits

If you open your closet, you will probably find at least a few denim clothes whether it be a pair of old blue jeans or a vintage denim jacket that you are so in love with. Now imagine what it can become when it’s too old or no longer fits you. A beautiful backpack? A pair of shorts that you will still probably not wear? Or will you just throw it away since you don’t have time to do anything with it?

It turns out that you can actually make art out of it and Ian Berry is one of the most well-known artists to master this craft. The British contemporary artist creates monochromatic portraits, urbanscapes and other unique works using old and unwanted jackets, jeans and other denim clothing. Before, he even called himself Denium, the Japanese phonetic spelling of denim, to show his never-ending love for denim!

Ayrton Senna Sempre
Giorgio Armani
Marilyn Monroe
Debbie Harry
James Dean
Helena Bonham Carter
Patti Smith
Lapo For Lapo
Marlon Brando
Amy Lee
Chad Kroeger
Steve Jobs
Kate Winslet

Funny and Creative Gale-Force Winds Portraits

Creative illustration Berlin by Martin Schwartz