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15 Celebrities Photoshopped Side By Ard Gelinck

German graphic designer Ard Gelinck makes time travel possible. At least, for celebrities. Gelinck has been photoshopping famous people as if they’re hanging out with their younger selves, and the images come out so cool, you can’t help but wonder if some of his subjects have them framed.

Gelinck has worked on these photomontages for about 10 years now, but it doesn’t look like he’s running out of ideas. On the contrary. The graphic designer continues to delight his 258K Instagram followers with regular uploads.

1-Matt Leblanc

2-Daniel Radcliffe

3-Carrie Fisher

4-Robert De Niro

5-David Bowie

6-Ryan Reynolds

7-Ricky Gervais

8-Pierce Brosnan

9-Tom Hanks

10-Queen Elizabeth

11-Jennifer Aniston

12-Brad Pitt

13-Kevin McCallister & Macaulay Culkin

14-Will Smith

15-Julia Roberts

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