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15 Brilliantly Crafted Billboards

On average, Americans spend 10 hours and 50 minutes per week in their car, the 2020 statists suggests. That means we’ve all got plenty of time on our hands to look through the window and let our eyes rest on the landscape… until they settle on a billboard.

Zoom in, zoom out, these two seconds are where brands get the opportunity to convince you that you can’t live without trying a new bacon whopper. But while most of these so-called ‘out of home’ ads are tacky, way too bright, and plain boring to get us thinking about the thing they’re selling, a few of them are the exact opposite.

So, this time we are off to a walk in the smart, creative, and ‘this is just brilliant’ billboard park where ads are like artworks themselves. Mind-bending, interactive, dimensional, reactive to weather, light or darkness, they totally mess with our senses. Let’s give a big round of applause to all the creatives drained from brainstorming benders and advertising agencies who managed to pitch their ideas to the clients, thanks to whom billboard advertising has now been made great again.

15 Clever Billboard Designs That Definitely Didn’t Go Unnoticed

1-These McDonald’s Billboards Double As Bee Hotels To Support Biodiversity

2-Women’s Aid – Look At Me

In a world first for digital out of home Women’s Aid created an interactive ad which shows how we can all make tangible changes in the fight against domestic violence. The creative employs a unique use of facial recognition technology which allows the interactive screens to recognise when people actively pay attention to an image of a bruised woman. Those who look at the screen get feedback via a live video feed that runs along the bottom of the ad as a visual ticker-tape, registering an increasing number of viewers. As more people notice the image of the women her bruises slowly heal, demonstrating to passers-by that by taking notice they can help confront domestic violence by not turning a blind eye.

3-BBC’s Dracula Billboard Confuses People During The Daytime But Grabs Attention At Night

4-Excellent Billboard

5-BBC World – See Both Sides O The Story

6-This Tiny Ant-Man Billboard At A Bus Stop

7-Sick Legend Of Zelda Street Art

8-Coca-Cola Hand Knitted Billboards In Serbia Using Traditional Knitting Techniques

9-Capsico Sauce: Burning Hot. Dabur, India

10-Corona Oceans Week Billboard With Wave Made From Plastic Gathered In UK And Chris Hemsworth On The Surfboard

11-LEGO 3D Billboard

12-Denver Water Billboard

13-Save Some Money And Save The Environment

14-3m – Tape Holds Billboard

15-Clever Weather Billboard

Sun And Moon Photography By Andrew McCarthy

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