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15 Amazing Photos Of Animal Eyes By Suren Manvelyan

Suren Manvelyan is an Armenian photographer who loves to photograph animals from up close – very close. So close, in fact, that all you can see is their eyes! And you’ll be surprised by all the little details that they hide.

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#1 Husky Dog

#2 Lama

Suren began capturing animal eyes everywhere he could, from backyards to zoos. Eventually, people started to contact him and ask to shoot the eyes of their pets.

#3 Long-Eared Owl

#4 Alaskian Malamut

Suren explained that the reason for such a variety of different eyes is that every animal has to adapt to the conditions that they live in. “Water animals have completely different eyes than those living on earth, too. I think this is what makes the animal eye series so interesting to the viewer,” pondered the photographer. He even managed to turn his photo series into a little game – he would upload a photo and the fans would try to guess which animal it belongs to.

#5 Nylus Crocodile

#6 Tokay Gecko

It takes true dedication to capture the photos – Suren once spent a whole hour in a llama cage just so he could get familiar with the animal and take the photo from the right distance! “I would like to stress that all animals included in the series were alive and no animal was hurt in any way during shoots,” added the photographer.

#7 Horse

#8 Blue-Yellow Macaw Parrot

When asked about the technique he uses to capture the photos, Suren said he wants to keep his it a secret as he spent a lot of time perfecting it.

#9 Rockfish Eye

#10 Camel

11 Hippo

#12 Chinchilla

#13 Porcupine Fish

#14 Fennec Fox

#15 Black Rabbit

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