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15 Amazing and Creative Surreal Photo Manipulations By Ben Robins

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. It certainly applies to photo manipulations because it helps one break all boundaries and limitations of traditional photography. Through this contemporary form, shutterbugs can deliver strong symbolic messages that would not have been possible if they had just stuck to the traditional rules and Ben Robins is certainly one of them.

He is a 29 year old digital artist from Bristol City, UK, who has mesmerized the world with his amazing skills because he doesn’t believe in cliché-perfect photography. His artwork captivates for its unusual and creative ideas. Even though he was experienced in covering weddings, live events and worked as a design photographer, he fell in love with the bizarre potential of photo manipulation in 2008. Since then, he has explored its wide possibilities and created various surreal images that challenge all the logic of a human mind.

Listed up in this post are 15 amazing photo manipulations from Ben’s collection that made to our favorites. Scroll on to see them yourself and enjoy peeps!

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