13 Myths about Healthy Food and Calories

Lucy Mountain is a fitness blogger with an attitude and set on to break some myths about eating “healthy” food that can miraculously help you lose or gain weight.  She has two accounts, The Fashion Fitness Foodie and theFFFeedD. She decided to change the way people see foods by posting pictures of two opposite types of food, one regarded as healthy and another unhealthy and mentioning the amount of calories each of them actually have. You will be surprised to see that a handful of fruit pastilles has the same amount of calories as a handful of almonds.

She is making a point: it’s not only about calories and micronutrients and “healthy” food, it’s about eating what makes you feel good in your own skin. Restrictions are not good. The key to a good diet and a fit body is moderation. So, you can eat ice cream, you can eat chocolate, just not in excess. “Moderation is key, and this will look different on different people depending on the person, their fitness goal, and their lifestyle”, she says.

Another interesting fact that we shall keep in mind is that no single food will get us to lose weight or to gain weight. There’s no such thing as a miracle food. You need to look at the big picture: “Having a chocolate bar in a day of well balanced meals and adequate micronutrients doesn’t suddenly make it ‘unhealthy”.

1. Almonds vs Fruit Pastilles

2. Veggie chips less calories? Think again!

3. Regular strawberries or dried strawberries? It’s the same in terms of calories!

4. Ice Cream is not really bad

5. A little extra peanut butter will make a hell of a difference

6. No single food will help you lose or gain weight. So, there’s no miracle food out there.

7. Dark chocolate is said to be healthier than milk chocolate, but look at the calories!

8. Can you guess the difference?

9. The difference that some Parmesan cheese, sunflower seeds, croutons and Caesar dressing can bring

10. It’s all in the meat!

11. Strawberries, melon an pineapple vs. banana, coconut and passion fruit. Quite a difference!

12. So, what’s the difference?

Shake 1: protein powder and almond mild
Shake 2: almond milk, protein powder, a banana and honey
Shake 3: all of the above plus peanut butter and flaxseed

13.  One serving of a Twix is just one half, not all of it

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