12 Urban Design Ideas Every City Needs to Adopt

Life in a metropolis has advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand it offers great opportunities and endless sources of entertainment, on the other hand it causes great stress in our daily lives. Fortunately, there are designers among city dwellers who have developed brilliant ideas to improve the environment.

We at Tired fox are convinced that you will appreciate these creative urban design solutions and would like them to appear in your cities ASAP.

This toilet rises from the ground when needed, usually at night time, and disappears below during the day.
A bench with solar powered USB ports
Benches in Sweden are very couple friendly.
 A cozy bus stop
A sidewalk for smartphone users.
A coffee shop that doesn’t have Wi-Fi
while carts in Sweden have a map of the supermarket.
“There is a miniature library in this backyard facing a public walking path.”
This vending machine with freshly squeezed orange juice is in Riga (Latvia).
This swing allows parents to swing with their kids.
This water fountain lets the water flow down, so that dogs can drink too.
Bench and fence in one.

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